Saved a good amount of money for Sakura-Con this year…and I spent it all on figures!

I really like the Kallen one, the hoody was hard to put on but other than that its so cool =O

I didnt realize how awesome the snow witch Miku nendoroid was until it was already sold out =[…so I got the Snow Miku Figma instead lol. I still really like it. Also, random Sanae.

I still need to take pictures of the super huge Dizzy figure I got. It will get its own post since its my favorite of all the figures I bought at the con haha.




Sarah got me this awesome Aigis Figma for my birthday. Miku is about to take some serious damage from that sweep into j.B….oh no!

I also feel like she will fit right in with my Gundams.

I might as well rename my waifu folder to “the tsundere folder”.

I just want to say that Aquaman is my favorite superhero and he fits in perfectly here in my eyes.

TRACK NAME: Larmes de Tristesse
ALBUM TITLE: Berserk Golden Age Arc II OST
ARTIST: Shiro Sagisu


i had a really bad dream about teemo and doge


i’ve been laughing for 20 minutes