TRACK NAME: Beats In My Head
ALBUM TITLE: Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike OST
ARTIST: Hideki Okugawa

I need to figure out why my computer gets so hot…but for now I have this.

Reblog if your icon is a grade A waifu


Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold

(Famitsu Issue #1329)



Reasons for revenge, lvl Faker.

Here is my BBCP 1.1 tier list. Well thought out from a professional player with lots of credit, so you can just believe this without thinking for yourself.

So much detail!

And since its kinda related, I took a picture of the Rachel mini nendoroid I got from the BBCP LE.

Saved a good amount of money for Sakura-Con this year…and I spent it all on figures!

I really like the Kallen one, the hoody was hard to put on but other than that its so cool =O

I didnt realize how awesome the snow witch Miku nendoroid was until it was already sold out =[…so I got the Snow Miku Figma instead lol. I still really like it. Also, random Sanae.

I still need to take pictures of the super huge Dizzy figure I got. It will get its own post since its my favorite of all the figures I bought at the con haha.